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Virtual Online DIY Training

  • Money is 50% Refundable if you have NOT yet received your workout and/or nutrition plan

    • Because we have already began working on developing your plan

  • Money is NON-REFUNDABLE after receiving your workout + nutrition plan

In Person &
Virtual LIVE Training

  • If trainer must cancel sessions for ANY reason, client/members will be granted the opportunity to receive a

    • refund for that/those particular session(s)

    • OR

    • make up session(s) : which can be made up at any time before the last date of training 

  • If client/member must cancel sessions for ANY reason, client/member has 48 HOURS to reschedule FREE OF CHARGE.

    • This is to prevent sessions from being prolonged until the last minute to reschedule.  Trainer will not keep track of missed sessions.  If client does not reschedule within 48 hours client will forfeit the cancelled session and must pay to make it up.​

    • There are no make ups or reschedules for FREE Training Sessions

    • Special Program Training Sessions must be made up or rescheduled during the same week of the cancelled session or sooner. This applies to discounted training sessions as well. Discounted training sessions are considered specials or Special Programs

    • Monthly Contracted Sessions must be made up or rescheduled any time before or by the last date of training.

    • Nonetheless ALL sessions must be rebooked within 48 hours of cancelling the sessions

  • If client/member must cancel any of the "Other Services" MuveWeight offers, client/member understands they must do so 4 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in a $15 late cancel fee.  Money is NON REFUNDABLE.

  • All reschedule for semi private training must be rescheduled as semi-private, otherwise client will be billed the remaining difference to make it a private training session.​

    • This means client/member must book sessions in which they are paired with another member, or client. When rescheudling, please choose the time slots that indicate (1/2) by the time slot and not (0/2)

  • All cancellations & reschedules must occur through visibook booking.  Contacting trainer directly will NOT suffice.  Please cancel your own sessions if you cannot make it so someone else can take the time slot if you can no longer attend 

  • If client/member arrives to their session > 15mins late, member will be charged a $10 late arrival fee, due their next following session, otherwise trainer reserves the right to discontinue training.

  • If client/member fails to cancel 4 hours prior to start of the session, member will be charged a $15 late cancel fee, due their next following session, otherwise trainer reserves the right to discontinue training.

  • If client/member no call, no show, member will be charged a $20 no call no show fee, due their next following session, otherwise trainer reserves the right to discontinue training.

  • Arriving > 30min late to a session = no call no show and the $20 no call no show fee will be applied

  • If member refuses to pay any of the above fees or abide by any of the above policies & rules, member STANDS RISK OF being deducted a session 100% solely at the trainer's discretion and/or being discontinued as a client altogether without any refund.

  • Any payments that aren't paid by its due date, will result in a $5 late payment fee per day late, in addition to the past due payment OR client may possibly be discontinued as a member/client altogether without refund (solely at trainer's discretion)

  • Payment due date does not change if/when client, member, or trainer cancels/reschedules for any reason.  Payment due date will remain the same regardless of absence because sessions will be granted to make up despite absence.​​

  • Cannot continue training of any kind until payments are submitted and received

  • Absolutely NO REFUNDS will be offered once personal training programs / sessions begins.

  • ALL clients agree to the Terms & Conditions mentioned on this website page and entire website once payment is made

  • Trainer reserves the right to discontinue training at any moment for the following reasons and money is non-refundable:

    • Sexual Assault / Harassment

    • Violence / Discomfort / Misconduct / Inappropriate Behavior

    • Excessive Force, Hostility, or Terrible Attitude

    • Excessive talking on the phone during training session

    • Client is seeing no progress due to:

      • inconsistency working out​

      • lazy / poor work ethic working out

      • lack of intensity and intentionality working out

      • excessive cancelations

      • terrible attitude toward trainer 

      • terrible attitude during work outs

      • terrible attitude toward other members

      • refusal to adhere to meal plan or workout plan provided

      • inability to provide a mutually beneficial and respectful relationship

      • any other similar or fitting reasons of those listed above

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