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Racquel has helped me build my confidence inside and outside of the gym, and I’m extremely appreciative of that. She pushed me to perform at levels that I never imagined I would be working out at, and my strength and endurance increased tremendously. Prior to working out with Racquel, I could barely do modified pushups without it taking me out for the rest of the workout. Now, I can perform push ups without the modifications. This was a big deal for me since I was insecure about my arm strength.

Another great lesson that I have learned by participating in her programs is discipline through nutrition. This element is just as important, if not more important, than physical activity and I truly saw this come to life during the #NoCarbNovember challenge. This program was challenging but helped me develop habits that I will carry with me long-term. This includes, but not limited to, meal prepping, understanding nutrition labels, food variation, etc. I’ve experienced the results that personal training and challenges can give you and it's truly life enhancing. I was able to have that experiences through Racquel

— Victoria Pride

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