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Challenge the Status Quo

MuveWeight is dedicated to helping working professionals, former athletes, and injured populations attain optimal physical strength, mitigate pain, and muve comfortably and confidently within their own bodies.  We believe there is more to health and fitness than lifting heavy weights and shedding pounds of body fat through vigorous exercises. 


Therefore, we pride ourselves on showing individuals how to muve their bodies correctly, comfortably, confidently, and safely in order to:

  • Increase skeletal, muscular, and cardiovascular strength & endurance

  • Stimulate mind & muscle connection & awareness

  • Enhance speed & agility

  • Refine joint mobility & flexibility

  • Improve balance & stability

Which helps:

  • Decrease body fat % and increase muscle mass

  • Control movement patterns and maximize muscle engagement

  • Improve athletic performance and daily living activity

  • Decrease risk of injury; and promote joint & bone health

  • Increase coordination and motor unit control

We are able to instill confidence and competence within our members by developing a customized personal plan that is beneficial, realistic, and sustainable long term for each member to Keep MUVing!

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