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Getting Started Is As Easy As 1.2.3


With over 7 years in the fitness industry, MuveWeight is dedicated to helping athletes and working professionals attain optimal physical strength, athletic performance, amazing physique, and overall bodily muvement. 

OUR MOTTO: Changing our thinking changes our attitude; changing our attitude changes our performance; changing our performance changes our results.

Keep MUVing!

All training sessions with MuveWeight last 45 - 75mins depending upon the client's current fitness level, goal(s), and time(s) available for training. We offer in-person training (in a private, semi private, and small group setting), and virtual online DIY training (where we create the plan; you Do It Yourself following along with video tutorials). 


Personal Trainer
Fitness Coach

Eunique D. Age 31

My experience with MuveWeight has been exceptional. Not only is Racquel knowledgeable about all things health and wellness, she is extremely passionate about it and gives 100% individualized attention to each of her clients.


She also values feedback and is always adding services based on the pattern of needs that she sees amongst her clients. Her mobility classes have helped me reduce my joint pain significantly. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain weight, bulk up, or just feel better in your body, MuveWeight is where you need to be!

Lucille P., Age 61

Working with the Muve Weight Program from home was a game changer. Easy to follow, very accessible if there were questions.


Consistency and motivation are what gets results. Looking forward to more sessions! 

Jalexus O., Age 28

I am forever grateful to Racquel for getting me back on track with my fitness journey. I’ve always worked out and I’ve been pretty fit my entire life, but with Covid and law school I completely fell off fitness wise and became pretty stagnant. Ultimately, I decided to take a chance on myself and joined Muveweight’s October Ownership program and it made all the difference.


She taught me so much about mobility, strength training, cardio, form, and diet. I feel much more confident when I am training on my own. She’s super knowledgeable and truly passionate about her craft. 10/10 recommend.


Our Special Programs are training plans and packages offered at a discounted rate as a way of allowing our services to be more feasible, fun, and challenging for our members & clients.  Please see below for our current Special Programs available.

Are You Ready
To Muve!

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